Wednesday, October 26

She's the Boogeyman

There's this girl who is out to get me. 

I don't believe it was her intention to cause me fear and pain, but it's inevitable that whatever she does will. There's a term for it -- they call it collateral damage. 

She's the boogeyman in my closet, one that I created with a figment of my imagination. She could be real too. Who knows? My delusional mind sees her shadow claws at every corner, striking out on things that I cherish most, depriving me of them so all that is left is me and my fear of the dark. 

Please don't leave me alone. 

There are days when the rainclouds part and the sun shines in -- they burn her away. The crackle of material burning is barely audible when I bask in the sunlight. Yet she heals just as fast when the sun sets, and I'm left to my own devices again.

People think I'm crazy. I do my best to ignore her shadows when I'm with someone. I won't risk being shut away; that's her goal. I don't tell people about my fears, they'll say that I'm hallucinating and send me away. 

You'll send me away. 

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