Tuesday, April 23

Am I Not Going to Love You Forever?

I think I've only read 2 articles from the oh-so famous Thought Catalog. It's good writing, but I try not to read it religiously for fear that I'll turn into an even mushier sentimental puddle of mud. 

But this article, this, is by far one of the best I've ever read in my whole entire life. 

"I'm Not Going to Love You Forever (Just FYI)" is a beautifully written piece on a transition period in the narrator's relationship. The piece is written in such a lyrical way that it is almost hypnotic. Yet, at the same time it is undeniably real. As real as your eyes that are scanning this post right now. 

I disagree with the message it's trying to convey. It seems to me that this 'conversation' the narrator is having with his or her partner is not so much a 'talk', but more like a 'warning', or if I may say so -- a threat. 

I do vehemently disagree with threatening someone with a break-up, what's more a supposedly imminent break-up. I confess to doing so a few times with my ex because of some reasons that I already conveniently forgot. I am not proud of it. 

Then again, as I reread it a few times when I'm down, there may perhaps be another interpretation to it. 

To be real, as this is a realist piece, is there anyone who's going to love you forever besides your parents?

The much romanticised concept of love is such that it will have you believe that two persons with no blood ties at all will develop a puissant emotional bond between themselves. This bond is so strong that only death, an external factor beyond any mortal's control, can sever. Also, this bond should supposedly last till... like I said, death. 

Sounds a little far fetched, now that I think about it. 

Well. I guess I do agree with the narrator, to some extent. A romantic relationship is such that two persons are first joined together by said emotional bond. Over time, this bond will either erode or evolve. In simpler terms, this emotional bond will disappear, no matter what. 

The difference is that some couples may find themselves hopelessly dependent on each other and try their best to put up with each other, somehow finding a way to work things out. Some couples may just feel that they are happier without each other. 

I find this article so endearing and so... personal, to me. I think we're going through a transition period. Fiq reads this and most probably he'll only see this a few months after. 

Maybe we won't even be together then. 

Lord knows what the future looks like. As of now, I do hope we make it. I also hope my pillow will not suffer the wrath of my tears and snot that often. I can't help it. Sometimes things really do suck and my insides just feel so painful. 

This really is a different experience. 

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